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* Optical Tracievers and AOC-DAC cables are manufactured in the US and are OEM compatible to individual manufacturer specs.

Our goal at Equal Optics is to offer high-quality networking solutions at the right price.

Product cost is determined by more than just the price tag; additional costs can be incurred if the product does not work properly or the product does not arrive on time. At Equal Optics we are aware of these pitfalls and our focus is to deliver the right product, on time, at the right price.

Equal Optics is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-performance network solutions that help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a virtualized world where applications and information reside anywhere.

Optical Transceivers

Equal Optics carries an extensive catalog of optical transceivers that are certified to be fully compatible with over 80 OEM brands. With a wide range of adaptable form factors and the full spectrum of achievable data rates, our optical transceivers meet rigid standards for quality that they deliver peak performance when needed most.

Network Cabling

In networking, the name of the game is fast and reliable data transfer. Equal Optics has got you covered for all your Direct Attach Copper cable (DAC), and Active Optical Cable (AOC) needs, whether you have an enterprise-level networking environment or operate a micro-business.


Memory solutions for servers and storage devices in your networking system. With functional capabilities equal to OEM memory modules but at a fraction of the cost, our memory solutions are backed by a lifetime warranty to provide you with unparalleled peace of mind when you upgrade your server, workstation, desktop, or notebook.

Industry Solutions


A fast and functional network is a crucial asset for any organization to keep users connected to remote servers, cloud-based business apps and services, data centers, and more. Equal Optics offers high-quality optical networking products for the needs of modern businesses.


For many small and medium businesses, keeping up with the competition can be challenging since their IT budget isn’t comparable to the resources that large companies have access to. We offer the highest quality optical network products to support the unique needs and budgets of SMBs.

Data Center

Data centers are a crucial component of modern IT ecosystems which requires a fast and reliable network. Equal Optics specializes in data centers and optical networking solutions and can recommend the best networking products.


Equal Optics provides a wide range of optical networking products designed to meet different healthcare facilities’ specific needs and diverse requirements.


High-speed optical networks have become essential for modern-day governments to facilitate secure communications, e-services, online education, data modeling, and more.


From the emergence of state-of-the-art interactive technologies to the explosion in online education resources, education has its own network and IT demands. We offer high-quality networking solutions tailored to the needs of educational institutions.

Featured Products

Juniper® Compatible 100GBase-SR4 QSFP28 Transceiver

MMF, 850nm, 100m, MPO, DOM

Equal Optics MTP Breakout Cable

MTP(F)-4LC 8 Fiber MM 50/125 (OM4)

Cisco® Compatible 400GBase-SR8 QSFP-DD Transceiver

MMF, 850nm, 100m, MPO-16, DOM

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