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High-speed optical networks have become an essential component of modern-day governments. These networks facilitate secure data storage, remote working, e-government services, and online education.

As governments continue to evolve and embrace digital transformation, high-speed optical networks will remain an integral component of their modernization strategies and the services they provide. Therefore, it is essential for governments to invest in advanced optical network infrastructure to enhance their communication capabilities and remain relevant in the digital age.

Equal Optics carries a full range of Optical networking equipment that is reliable and 100% compatible with OEM brands at substantially lower prices.

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Arista Networks® Compatible 100GBase-AOC, MMF, 850nm,10M, DOM


Cisco® Compatible 25GBase-AOC, MMF, 850nm,10M, DOM


Juniper® Compatible 10GBase-SR SFP+ Transceiver


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