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The education sector has experienced a revolution in recent times.

From the emergence of state-of-the-art interactive technologies to the explosion in online education resources during the Covid-19 pandemic, network and IT demands have driven the need for high-speed and reliable optical networking solutions within their budgetary constraints.

Equal Optics provides industry-leading networking solutions for schools and institutions serving the next generation. 

Our products and services are designed to maximize budget and time efficiency. Our responsive technicians are available to support diverse needs and provide the best customer service experience in the industry.

Equip your education office with the latest technology – a sleek row of modern computer monitors from Equal Optics, ensuring a productive and immersive learning environment.

Featured Products For Education

Dell® Compatible 10GBase-SR XFP Transceiver


Equal Optics MTP(F)-MTP(F) 12 Fiber MM 50/125 (OM4)


Cisco® Compatible 40GBase-AOC, MMF, 850nm,10M, DOM


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