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Reliable networking equipment for your healthcare facility.

Equal Optics provides a wide range of optical networking products designed to meet your specific needs while considering different healthcare facilities’ diverse requirements.

  • Optical Transceivers to build a high-speed connection between two hospitals.
  • AOC/DAC cables for connecting switches and storage systems.
  • Fiber and Copper Patch Cords that can guarantee a secure and fast connection without interference.
  • Power Cables customized for connectivity and cable management to provide reliable power for mission-critical applications in healthcare facilities.

Comprehensive Product Line

Customized Solutions

Complete Cable Line

Featured Healthcare Products

Cisco® Compatible 25GBase-SR SFP28 Transceiver


Equal Optics MTP(F)-4LC 8 Fiber MM 50/125 (OM4)


Juniper® Compatible 100GBase-SR4 QSFP28 Transceiver


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