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Performance, compatibility, and reliability are the common themes shared by all industries that share today’s demands for our internal and external data-hungry apps and services.

Equal Opticts mission is to exceed these demands with 100% compatible OEM networking equipment that also delivers the best value on the market.

All products and solutions are backed with our 100% guarantee and warranty.

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Equal Optics offers high-quality optical networking products for the needs of modern businesses. In addition, we offer customized solutions and can help you adopt optical networking, whether your goal is to leverage cloud computing resources, converge two networks, or enhance the performance of an existing IT network.

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For many small and medium businesses, keeping up with the competition can be challenging since their IT budget isn’t comparable to the resources that large companies have access to. The challenge calls for investing in the most cost-effective IT solutions in the long term, including optical networking.

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Data Center

Data centers require fast and reliable networks. Equal Optics carries a comprehensive collection of products to build your data center. Our solutions are 100% compatible and fully guaranteed to be OEM compatible with industry-leading brands and at a fraction of their cost.

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Healthcare facilities have diverse IT networking requirements. Securely networking distance hospitals, data-hungry MRI equipment, and inter-office connectivity all are mission critical and demand 100% reliability and security. Equal Optics offers products to build such infrastructure within today’s tight budgets.

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High-speed optical networks have become an essential component of modern-day governments. These networks facilitate secure communications, data storage, remote working, e-government services, and online education

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From the emergence of state-of-the-art interactive technologies to the explosion in online education resources, network demands are higher than the education being provided. We offer high-quality networking solutions tailored to the needs of educational institutions at a budget to meet your goals.

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