Power and Precision Tailored to Your Professional Needs

In today’s high-demand professional environments, Equal Optics offers cutting-edge workstations designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. Our customizable solutions ensure that you have the exact computing power and capabilities required for your specific projects.

Customizable to the Core:

  • Tailored Performance: Select from a range of CPUs and GPUs to meet your exact performance requirements.
  • Form Factor Flexibility: Choose workstations that fit your workspace perfectly, from compact designs to full-sized towers.

Optimized for Professionals:

  • Enhanced Graphics: Custom GPU options cater to intensive graphic and video tasks, providing smooth and efficient rendering.
  • Expandable Storage: Solutions for increasing data storage needs, supporting high-speed SSDs and large-capacity HDDs.
Workstations | Equal Optics

The Equal Optics Advantage

Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay ahead with the latest in computing hardware and software advancements.

Reliable Operation

Our workstations are built for continuous, demanding use, ensuring your projects run without interruption.

Custom Support & Maintenance

Expert Support

Benefit from our comprehensive support and maintenance services, keeping your workstation at peak performance.

5-Year NBD Support

5-Year Next Business Day Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive 5-year support promise, ensuring rapid assistance and minimal downtime for your workstation.

Keep Your Own Hard Drive Service

Keep Your Own Hard Drive Service

For maximum data security and confidentiality, our unique service allows you to retain your hard drive in the event of a replacement or repair, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Future Proof | Equal Optics


Easily upgradeable components allow your workstation to evolve with your needs.

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