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High-Performance Computing for Advanced Security Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of digital security and data analysis, our AI Servers stand as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Equal Optics offers custom-built, high-memory, high-GPU AI servers, meticulously engineered to meet the intense demands of real-time analytics. Imagine the power to process every detail of a video security feed in real-time; our AI Servers make this possible.

Powerful Performance for Real-Time Processing | Equal Optics

Powerful Performance for Real-Time Processing

High Memory Capabilities: Our AI Servers efficiently handle large data sets for smooth real-time processing.

Advanced GPU Integration: Optimized for demanding AI tasks, these servers provide rapid and accurate analytics.

Custom Builds for Specific Needs

Tailored Solutions: Each AI Server is designed to meet your project’s unique computational needs.

Scalability and Flexibility: As your needs grow, our AI Servers can be scaled to ensure ongoing efficiency and performance.

Custom Builds for Specific Needs | Equal Optics
Application in Real-Time Video Analytics | Equal Optics

Application in Real-Time Video Analytics

Pixel-Perfect Analysis: Analyze every pixel of your video security feed in real time with our AI Servers, offering unparalleled precision in surveillance and security monitoring.

Enhanced Security Measures: Leverage advanced features like facial recognition and anomaly detection for comprehensive security insights.

Why Choose Equal Optics

Industry Expertise

Our servers are at the forefront of AI technology and security solutions.

Reliability & Performance

Built with premium components, our AI Servers promise maximum uptime and consistent performance.

Custom Support & Maintenance

Custom Support & Maintenance

Benefit from our comprehensive support and maintenance services for seamless operation.

5-Year NBD Support

5-Year NBD Support

Enjoy peace-of-mind with our 5-year Next Business Day support, ensuring prompt resolution of any issues and minimal downtime.

Keep Your Own Hard Drive Service

Keep Your Own Hard Drive Service

Retain possession of your hard drive in the event of a failure with our “Keep Your Own Hard Drive” service, safeguarding your data’s confidentiality.

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