Cisco UCS Compatible Memory

Equal Optics, your Cisco UCS memory OEM alternative

If your enterprise computing system or data center needs additional memory for your Cisco UCS server, look no further than Equal Optics. The Equal Optics Cisco UCS Memory solution is a high-quality OEM alternative that offers a lifetime warranty, guaranteed compatibility with Cisco UCS servers, and is substantially more cost-effective.

Equal Optics leads the industry by offering high-performance, dependable network solutions. With its exceptional data center proficiency and warranties, Equal Optics provides outstanding products you can rely on.

Third-party Cisco UCS Manager fault code resolution

Choosing non-Equal Optics third party memory, can and will result in warnings being set off by the Cisco UCS manager for every module you install. The error/fault warning lets you know that your DIMM has an invalid FRU. Avoid this issue by using Equal Optics tier 1 memory as your Cisco UCS memory Alternative.

Upgrade your memory to Cisco UCS for cost savings and improved performance with DDR3 technology, brought to you by Equal Optics.

Why Choose Equal Optics

100% Guaranteed
System Compatible

Lifetime Advanced
replacement warranty

Tier One
OEM Components

Cisco Compatible Memory

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