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Slow internet speeds affect productivity in any organization. Don’t let a low bandwidth network hold your organization back, but find out how to increase bandwidth with the following simple steps and investment options. Review the following steps and connect with our team at Equal Optics to learn more about strategies you can use to optimize your network.

How to Increase Bandwidth Through Simple Solutions

With 28.8% of business conducted online, a high-speed network is critical for many organizations. There are many different metrics to measure internet speed, which can be confusing for an organization simply trying to reduce operational costs due to wait times.

While it’s often confused with latency and speed, bandwidth refers to the highest rate of data transmission during a specific time period that a network can achieve. Learn how to increase bandwidth by reviewing the bits per second of your network.

Identify Your Bandwidth Usage

Before you learn how to improve bandwidth, you need to know if your issue is caused by a low-bandwidth network. Unfortunately, manually checking the bandwidth of your network is a difficult and time-consuming process. You can either check the bandwidth usage of individual devices or look at the current traffic on your routers, though both of these options can be inaccurate.

One of the best ways to identify network bandwidth usage is to use a monitoring tool that provides real-time usage reports of your network. Reach out to a networking solutions provider, like Equal Optics, to learn more about this option.

How to Increase Bandwidth at Your Organization | Equal Optics

Use Wired Connections

After determining that your network could benefit from increased bandwidth, consider replacing some or all of your wireless connections with wired connections. To see how to increase bandwidth with a wired connection, compare the rates of data transfer of these two types of connections. A wired connection not only tends to be faster but is also generally more stable, making it a crucial step for any devices involved in video conferencing or other high-bandwidth uses.

Reboot Your Devices

The age-old advice of rebooting a device really can work as you troubleshoot the steps of how to improve bandwidth in your network. Rebooting your computers is a good first step, but don’t forget to also reboot your routers and modems. Try to perform this step outside of work hours, as the rebooting process can take some time and cause delays.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Another tried-and-true IT solution that works well is clearing the cache of your browser. Internet browsers store files to promote faster, more efficient web page loading. This is helpful for visiting the same site over and over but can reduce the overall bandwidth of your device. Clearing the cache and any unnecessary files from your computer can free up the space needed to improve your browser’s performance.

Review Antivirus and Malware Solutions

Malware and viruses aren’t always obvious. Some malware operates in the background, taking up valuable bandwidth and compromising the security of your network. One step in identifying how to increase bandwidth in your network is to review your existing antivirus strategies and look for ways to further protect your network and devices from external threats.

How to Improve Bandwidth by Investing in Your Network

Simple solutions can sometimes be enough to give you the bandwidth improvement you need. If you need additional strategies to optimize your network and increase its bandwidth, consider these investment options. Altering your network and investing in the latest upgrades can accelerate your network’s safety and performance.

Review Your Business Internet Plan Options

Some businesses are continuing to operate on a basic level of internet service. Service providers often have tiered or customizable services for businesses, so it’s important to reach out and learn more about your existing plan. You may need to scale up your plan to ensure the bandwidth you need for your daily operations.

Optimize the Number of Devices on Your Network

Whether you’re operating a telecommunications organization or another organization, one way to consider how to increase bandwidth in your network is to identify the number of devices on the same network. Too many devices can cause congestion and inefficient bandwidth utilization.

To optimize the number of devices, use a network that allows you to create separate channels. A multiple wide area network router can improve your bandwidth and, if necessary, you can also consider a standalone line for your business.

Consider Hardware Upgrades

Obsolete hardware can slow down an otherwise high-speed network connection. If you need another strategy for how to increase bandwidth in your organization, you may need to invest in new modems, routers, and computers. Updating your hardware is a necessary investment, as all computer hardware has a limited lifespan. Review your hardware to see if it’s time for a replacement, which should typically happen every couple of years.

Check for Internet Service Provide Data Caps

Some internet service providers enforce data caps for both personal and business accounts. If you have a data cap, this may be preventing you from finding out how to increase bandwidth in your network. You may be able to reach the bandwidth levels you need without completely removing the data cap. First, check whether there is a cap and see how it compares to your data usage. Next, consider ways you can reduce your data usage throughout the billing cycle. Finally, reach out to inquire about increasing your data cap to ensure streamlined operations at the bandwidth levels you need.

Plan for Routine Network Audits

Your network usage isn’t static, so routine audits are crucial for identifying any changes in data usage and bandwidth. Whether your internal team performs an audit or you connect with network solutions providers, like our team at Equal Optics, an audit can provide the real-time insights you need to make data-driven decisions on how to improve bandwidth in your organization’s network.

Learn More About How to Increase Bandwidth

Don’t let slow data transfer speeds hold your organization back. Request a quote today to see how to increase bandwidth at your organization with Equal Optics. We provide the equipment and expertise you need to update your network and accelerate your business operations.


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