What Are the Differences Between MTP & MPO Cables?

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To support an increasingly interconnected world, IT professionals and network infrastructure managers must keep up with evolving technologies. When it comes to transmitting high-capacity data over fiber optic networks, two key types of cables are frequently used: Multi-fiber Termination Push on (MTP) and Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) cables.

Whether you’re overseeing a critical fiber optic network or searching for more effective solutions for your company’s IT needs, it’s important to understand the differences between MTP and MPO cables. Knowing the key components of each will help you choose the right MTP and MPO cables for your applications.

Understanding MTP Cables

The term MTP refers to the brand name of a specific type of MPO connector developed by US Conec. This company popularized the usage of MTP cables, as they offer a few advantages compared to other types of MPO connectors. Key features of MTP cables include:

  • Enhanced Performance: MTP cables are carefully designed with high-quality materials and precision to reduce insertion loss. 
  • Greater Flexibility: MTP connectors can be reconfigured or rearranged as needed, making it easy for busy network managers to maintain their infrastructures without needing replacement cables.
  • Floating Ferrule: The unique floating ferrule design allows the connector to maintain consistent physical contact, which helps prevent optical loss and boosts performance over different connections.
  • Improved Durability: MTP connectors are built with durability in mind, so they’re great for environments where connections need to be frequently reconfigured.
What Are the Differences Between MTP & MPO Cables? | Equal Optics

Understanding MPO Cables

An MPO cable is a type of fiber optic connector that can contain multiple fibers in a single ferrule. This design allows for high-density connections, making them ideal for settings where large amounts of data are frequently transmitted. MPO cables come in a variety of sizes, including 12, 24, 48, or even 72 fibers, making it easier for organizations to select the right fiber density for their needs. Furthermore, if network demands increase, additional MPO cables can be integrated relatively quickly.

MPO connectors can also be used with single-mode and multi-mode fibers, which means that they can work reliably and efficiently in all types of settings. Whether you need to rapidly transmit data within a single commercial building or across the country, there’s an MPO connector that can manage your needs.

Main Differences Between MTP and MPO Cables

Although MTP and MPO cables can often be used interchangeably, there are a couple of key differences that set these connectors apart. First, MTP connectors can provide superior performance with lower insertion loss and higher return loss, so they’re more reliable in settings that need consistent high-speed and high-bandwidth data transmissions.

Secondly, MTP connectors are specific types of MPO cables that were manufactured with greater durability in mind. For instance, MTP connectors can be easily reconfigured, offering more flexibility to IT professionals.

The key thing to remember is that the MTP connector is an improved type of MPO cable. All MTPs are MPOs, but not all MPOs are MTPs.

Applications of MTP and MPO Cables

MTP and MPO connectors can be used in a wide variety of settings where high-performance fiber optic connectivity is essential, such as data centers and telecom networks.

Data Centers

Both MTP and MPO cables provide the high-density connections required for server interconnections, storage area networks (SANs), and rapid data transfers between racks.

Broadcast and Media

Telecom networks and the broader media industry must efficiently manage high volumes of data transmission over long distances, making MTP and MPO cables indispensable.


Large corporations use MTP and MPO cables to connect multiple floors or buildings within a campus to provide consistent and quick network connectivity.

High-Security Environments

Military bases, government facilities, and other high-security locations rely on MTP and MPO cables for their reliable and rapid performance.

How to Choose the Right Cable for Your Needs

If you need to choose between MTP and MPO cables for your IT needs, we encourage you to carefully consider the following factors: performance requirements, budget, environment, and scalability needs.

Performance Requirements

If your application demands the highest performance, MTP cables are likely ideal for your needs.


While MTP cables offer better performance, they’re often more expensive than standard MPO connectors, so make sure to think over your financial constraints before making a decision.

Environmental Conditions

If you work in an environment where connections are frequently reconfigured, investing in the more durable MTP cables can be a wise choice.


Both MTP and MPO cables can offer the high-density connectivity options needed for organizations to scale as demands change. However, MTP connectors offer greater performance and are more durable, so they may be the right investment in the long run.

How Equal Optics Can Help

At Equal Optics, we understand that it can be difficult to choose the right fiber optic solutions for your IT infrastructure. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that will best meet your specific needs.


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Our experienced technicians can help you install and maintain your fiber optic infrastructure. We can also help you include better cable management practices in your workplace to keep things running smoothly.

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To choose between MTP and MPO cables, you’ll need to thoroughly understand your network’s needs and the key advantages of each type of connector. Our team at Equal Optics is here to help you consider your options and select the best solutions for your IT needs. Contact us today to learn more about our fiber optic products and services and to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.


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