2024 Networking Trends Report: Staying Ahead of the Curve

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To say that technology is evolving rapidly would be the understatement of 2024. Tectonic shifts in artificial intelligence, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity are all crucial to understanding for anyone overseeing an IT department. Review the networking trends occurring, and expected to occur in 2024 to see how Equal Optics can help you maintain a reliable, high-performance network for your organization.

400G Infrastructure

While a 400-gigabit network may seem like old news now, this 2019 advancement continues to dominate the networking conversation in 2024. Updating to 400G isn’t an overnight change for organizations, so many are still relying on 100G infrastructure to power their processes. Before you update your transceivers and begin the migration for your organization, it’s important to explore the benefits of this trending technology alongside other networking trends.

Increasing Your Speed

Moving to 400G is one of the key network trends due to the speed and capacity it offers. While many networks still operate on a 100G infrastructure, this trend offers a bandwidth increase of fourfold. For some organizations, this is a critical step for an increase in traffic in these high-bandwidth applications:

  • AI platforms
  • Ultra High Definition video streaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Online gaming
  • Cloud services

Increasing network capacity also allows support for 5G networks. For data center solutions, enterprises can lean on 400G to ensure rapid, efficient communication and data transfer from between multiple sites.

2024 Networking Trends Report: Staying Ahead of the Curve | Equal Optics

Improving Your Infrastructure

This trend in network infrastructure also provides increased sustainability. By reducing the number of connectors, patch panels, and optical fiber links, 400G can create a more energy-efficient, cost-effective solution for long-term use. A fully migrated 400G network uses less space and requires fewer cooling requirements to operate at an increased level. The initial migration may be an investment but the long-term benefits make it a popular network trend in 2024.

Generative AI Integration

Generative AI continues to expand throughout many industries and dominate any conversation on technology and networking trends. The initial buzz of the 2022 OpenAI introduction of ChatGPT is over. In 2023, the field dramatically expanded with a wide range of generative AI models. The 2024 trends will include further adoption of AI-powered business strategies, the rise of natural language interfaces, and a closer look at ethical AI use in the industry.

AI-Powered Business Strategies

According to the Cisco AI Readiness Index, only 14% of businesses are ready to integrate AI, while 95% of all respondents to the survey reported that an AI strategy was either under development or already in place. If you aren’t one of the 14% of businesses ready for full integration, this should be a major trend in your company in the coming year.

For the networking industry, AI-powered business strategies will likely include evolving to prepare for the unique aspects of an AI and machine learning workload. This requires a shift in thinking and, in some cases, in structural designs. For example, bringing together both primary storage and GPUs in a more synchronous way can improve the efficiency of a network in relation to AI.

The Rise of Natural Language Interfaces

The trend in 2024 is likely to be an increase in highly specialized natural language interfaces.

These NLIs will be highly specific to industries, and even companies, to  better serve organizations. Whether customer-facing or for internal use, NLIs can provide enhanced accuracy and industry precision in the following areas:

  • Assessing compliance
  • Managing projects
  • Testing software quality
  • Analyzing data
  • Generating insights

Even if your organization doesn’t plan on incorporating NLIs in your business plan, you should prepare for the increased use of them in your competitors, clients, and other businesses as one of the 2024 network trends.

Decisions on Ethical AI Use

Do you know how your company will use AI in an ethical way in 2024? Generative AI is opening a new world of efficiency and connectivity but it’s also revealing some ethical questions. If your organization hasn’t addressed the ethical use of AI or crafted a philosophy on approaches to AI use in your workplace, there could be some ongoing issues.

One of the main features of ethical AI use is the question of intellectual property. This area will continue to be addressed, with industry policies and best practices likely appearing throughout the year.

API Implementation

API, or application programming interface, is a key term in implementing AI in the industry. Instead of relying on your own platform, you can use APIs to bridge the gap between your AI needs and preexisting platforms. This strategy is easily scalable and offers the flexibility many organizations need, so expect to see many companies taking advantage of this throughout the year.

Automation and Machine Learning

Another networking trend to be aware of is the continued advancement of both automation and machine learning. As organizations move toward increasing levels of automation, their bandwidth requirements and workloads will increase.

Moving toward an AI networking model, organizations may consider decreasing the gap between internal and external fabrics. Future server designs may require both GPUs and primary storage to be closer to accommodate the increase in networking needs.

Cyber Resilience

Advances in AI and other technology have brought about increasing demands for cyber resiliency. Safety networking trends include increased monitoring and data safeguarding. Your organization may consider adopting a SaaS framework to maintain up-to-date security in 2024.

Many threats are appearing due to generative AI, from deepfakes and cloned voices to bots capable of acting in real-time in social media spaces. The need to identify real individuals and expose malicious actors has always been at the core of cyber resilience, but now it’s continuing at an accelerated pace thanks to the development of AI.

Stay Ahead of Networking Trends With Equal Optics

Propel your networking strategy into 2024 with these leading networking trends. At Equal Optics, we’re confident we can help you identify areas of growth and implementation in your organization. Request a quote today to learn more about networking solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve in your fast-paced industry.







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