AI and the Need for 400G | Equal Optics

AI and the Need for 400G

If artificial intelligence is the future, then 400G is the next step toward that future. As AI and machine learning continue to automate and innovate processes across many industries, a suitable infrastructure is needed to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology. Explore the ways that AI infrastructure can benefit from 400G technology today to expand networking solutions and power AI development in your industry.

400G Ethernet in Data Centers - Key Features and Benefits | Equal Optics

400G Ethernet in Data Centers: Key Features and Benefits

Data centers must stay at the forefront of network technology to keep up with growing bandwidth demands. While 100G was previously the industry standard, more and more data centers are moving to 400G. Learn more about what this fourfold upgrade means, why it’s an important migration, and the benefits of prompt migration for data centers.

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