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7 Common Pain Points in Data Center Connectivity and How To Resolve Them | Equal Optics

7 Common Pain Points in Data Center Connectivity and How To Resolve Them

Data centers are the backbone of IT ecosystems, providing the infrastructure needed to support databases, applications, and storage solutions. With artificial intelligence and machine learning requiring dramatic increases in database connectivity and reliability, you may be experiencing one or more of these data center pain points. Review seven of the most common data center connectivity pain points today and see how Equal Optics can help you overcome these obstacles.
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How to Modernize an Enterprise-Level IT Department

Organizational and department growth requires careful planning and a commitment to the future. While it can be easy for an enterprise to focus on business goals and strategies, failing to invest in enterprise IT modernization can have major consequences. Identify the importance of IT modernization before reviewing key steps to take to implement a plan in your organization. Discover how modernization can streamline your organization and help promote growth.
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AI and the Need for 400G | Equal Optics

AI and the Need for 400G

If artificial intelligence is the future, then 400G is the next step toward that future. As AI and machine learning continue to automate and innovate processes across many industries, a suitable infrastructure is needed to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology. Explore the ways that AI infrastructure can benefit from 400G technology today to expand networking solutions and power AI development in your industry.
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5 Times When Fiber is Preferable to Copper Cabling | Equal Optics

5 Times When Fiber is Preferable to Copper Cabling

Network connections can be made with either fiber optic or copper cable. Which one offers the best choice for your network? While both can be used, there are several situations where fiber optic offers improved bandwidth and other benefits. Review the key differences between fiber vs. copper and discover five times when fiber optic cabling offers significant advantages to copper cabling in your organization.
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What Are Optical Transceivers? | Equal Optics

What Are Optical Transceivers?

Data networks are all about connections. A critical connection point for sending and receiving data is known as an optical transceiver. Also known as a fiber optic transceiver, optical transceivers are essential for telecommunication applications. Learn more about these hardware components and how they fit into your high-performance network solutions before reviewing your options for ordering and installing new transceivers.
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What Is the Difference Between SFP Transceivers and Direct Attach Cable (DAC)? | Equal Optics

What Is the Difference Between SFP Transceivers and Direct Attach Cables (DAC)?

Streamlined connectivity for your industry relies on reliable transceivers. With the advent of 10G Ethernet networks, it’s more important than ever to choose the most efficient network transceivers. Explore the differences between SFP transceivers and Direct Attach Cable (DAC) to see the advantages and applications of each in your network. Discover how Equal Optics can deliver the OEM transceivers you need to improve your network and enhance its efficiency.
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Empower Your Retail Workforce With Optical Networking

Empower Your Retail Workforce With Optical Networking

Modern optical networking has the power to connect your customers, empower your workforce, and streamline your operations. Are you getting the most out of your IT infrastructure in the retail industry? From small businesses to major corporations, retail companies can harness the power of a reliable, safe, high-speed optical network. Learn more about the benefits of a strong network in your industry and how Equal Optics can help.
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400G Ethernet in Data Centers - Key Features and Benefits | Equal Optics

400G Ethernet in Data Centers: Key Features and Benefits

Data centers must stay at the forefront of network technology to keep up with growing bandwidth demands. While 100G was previously the industry standard, more and more data centers are moving to 400G. Learn more about what this fourfold upgrade means, why it’s an important migration, and the benefits of prompt migration for data centers.
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What Does Greenomics Have to Do With Communication Systems? | Equal Optics

What Does Greenomics Have to Do With Communication Systems?

The evidence of climate change and human-activity-related warming of the climate system has led many industries to seek green technology alternatives. There are many proposed solutions for more sustainable technology and fuel sources, from solar power to recyclable materials. Find out how environmentally aware technology affects the communications industry and explore its role in ongoing climate concerns.
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Do AOC Cables Work With Servers? | Equal Optics

Do AOC Cables Work With Servers?

Network cabling systems are essential for data centers and other facilities to efficiently connect and communicate. While there are many different types of cables available, active optical cable (AOC) is a widely used option. AOC cables do work with servers, as well as switches and other critical components. Learn more about this affordable, low-latency cabling option to see how Equal Optics can connect you to the best cabling for your networking needs, whether you’re looking for copper or fiber optic cable.
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