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The internet fuels learning and connectivity in schools and universities. Modern education trends, from digital collaboration to multimedia classrooms, have made it more important than ever for schools and universities to have effective WiFi connections. Discover the challenges faced by implementing WiFi for schools and universities before identifying effective solutions to take the next step in wireless campus collaboration and growth.

Challenges for School and University WiFi Implementation

Since 2001, over 99% of U.S. public schools have had internet access. Despite the widespread access to the internet, only 59% of districts meet the FCC connectivity benchmark. About 75% of higher education campuses offer WiFi coverage for their entire campuses.

Inadequate internet access can make it difficult for educators to collaborate with students using the latest video call and streaming technology. It can also make it more difficult for students to perform the research needed for their courses. Educational institutions face the following challenges when expanding their internet speed and WiFi coverage.

Security Risks

WiFi for schools and universities needs to protect those using it. From educators to students, WiFi users must be safe and be sure their data isn’t readily available for hackers to access due to an improperly secured WiFi network. A data breach is serious enough in any situation, but in an educational situation, it can lead to a leak of sensitive student information to outside parties with ill intent.

Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

Universities, in particular, are seeking ways to expand coverage across their entire campus. Exterior-mounted antennas with sufficient power can broadcast the university WiFi to areas where students may study and professors may hold outdoor lectures, or special events may require reliable internet access. Considering the size of some campuses, this requires special strategies to ensure consistent coverage over extended areas.

Budget Considerations

WiFi for schools and universities needs to be budget-conscious. While educators may want nothing but the best in terms of connectivity, budget constraints mean a WiFi network needs to be competitively priced. The specific budget allotted for WiFi varies considerably. However, schools and universities must maintain a competitive price-to-performance balance for any new installations or upgrades to the network.

WiFi Solutions for Schools and Universities | Equal Optics

Heavy Network Usage

According to the U.S. News and World Report, colleges enroll over 6,300 students, on average. WiFi for schools and universities often needs to accommodate thousands of daily, simultaneous users.

Network usage ranges from classroom video streaming to personal use of dorm students. Video streaming, file downloading and uploading, lectures, and other activities demand a significant amount of daily data. WiFi networks must accommodate the large population and everyday use of wireless internet in an educational setting.

High Network Usage Density

For most schools and universities, network usage isn’t just heavy but also dense. High density in network usage means hundreds, or even thousands, of users in a relatively small area. A lecture hall or auditorium full of individual students and educators all on their own devices requires unique access point requirements. Educational institutions need to work with a network service provider familiar with covering this capacity requirement.

Free WiFi for Schools

Schools and universities typically provide their WiFi service for free to students and educators. While this promotes a culture of learning and collaboration, it adds greater demands to the network’s security, speed, and coverage. Free WiFi for students increases the risk of someone not associated with the institution connecting to the network and attempting to hack a device connected to the school’s WiFi.

Benefits of the Latest School WiFi Solutions

While there are notable risks, WiFi for schools also offers exceptional benefits for students and staff. WiFi education solutions need to mitigate the risks and offer fast, accessible, and safe wireless internet across the campus. Review the following benefits educational institutions can enjoy by implementing the latest WiFi solutions from an experienced networking solutions provider.

Enhanced Security Measures

Thanks to data encryption and credential-based protection, networking solution providers can offer greater protection for WiFi users in an educational setting. This is particularly important if the network is open to public use, where unknown parties may attempt to access school and student data.

K-12 institutions should protect students from total access to malicious and inappropriate content. Controlling network access reduces the risk of children and young students seeing unwanted content.

Optimal Data Traffic Speeds

Increased use of video streaming, conference calling, and other features in education means a greater need for fast WiFi. A leading provider can offer enhanced data traffic speeds for schools and universities of varying sizes. For public school districts, this can help them meet or exceed the FCC benchmark for connectivity.

Expanded Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

WiFi networks must incorporate antennas that expand the WiFi signal to cover all or most of a campus. Universities need both hardware and software to scale their wireless infrastructure to achieve this goal reliably. WiFi for schools should reliably cover the building, and some may expand the network to cover their campus.

Cost-Effective Solutions

A large school WiFi network expansion requires an investment in hardware, software, and a technical team to implement the development. If not performed carefully by a skilled crew, this process can quickly become very costly. For a university or school to remain within its internet access budget while offering an extensive, fast WiFi network, it must choose cost-effective solutions.

Increased Communication

When students at school have a fast, reliable connection to connect with teachers or school resources, they may be more likely to reach out for assistance. This can help educators quickly identify students with educational, emotional, or social difficulties. Together, educators and students can communicate to find ways to overcome these obstacles, thanks in part to a collaborative online environment.

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